October 15, 2010 | 11:19

The Chair of the Syriac Culture Association Yuhanna Aktas stated Turkish State Minister Faruk Celik should apologize to Christians for calling them gavur (an offensive ethnic slur used by Muslims in Turkey to describe all who are non-Muslim) in one of the TV programs several days ago.

Aktas sharply criticized Turkish Minister’s cynical statement, saying Celik insulted Christianity and should apologize to all Christians in Turkey.

This irresponsible statement proves what the Turkish Minister thinks of non-Muslims in Turkey. We fiercely criticize his attitude,” Aktas stressed.



1 thought on “Turkish State Minister calls Christians “gavur” (unfaithful)

  1. Να πάρει αμέσως τηλέφωνο η Αλ-Σαλέχ την κυρία Yuhanna Aktas και με τον μοναδικά δικό της τρόπο να την επαναφέρει πάραυτα εις την -διεθνιστικο-αντιρατσιστικο-πολυπολιτισμική- τάξη. Μιά χαρά τα είπε ο τούρκος, εξ’ άλλου η αλήθεια πονάει.

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