Turkey-Azerbaijan vs. Armenia-Russia

December 23, 2010 | 02:42
RA Minister of Defense Seyran Ohanyan’s statement that Armenia has S-300 air-defense systems was not a piece of news. Two months ago Armenia showed them to U.S. and British military experts. The Minister’s statement was belated, but, it was relevant in the context of counterbalancing the Turkey-Azerbaijan alliance, stated Ara Sargsyan, Vice-President of the Russian Geopolitical Academy.

“We should not forget that Turkey and Azerbaijan are trying to counterbalance the Armenian-Russian military alliance. Evidence thereof is the bilateral military agreement. According to the document, an attack against one of the parties is to be considered as an attack against the other,” the expert said. If Azerbaijan purchases offensive missiles, Armenia has the right to purchase air-defense systems. “I welcome the opening of the Armenian-Russian command post. It is at least something to counterbalance the Turkey-Azerbaijan alliance,” Sargsyan said.

NEWS.am reminds readers that the anti-aircraft defense forces, RA Ministry of Defense, in cooperation with Russian Military Base #102 stationed in Armenia, opened a joint command post of anti-aircraft defense. The command post is provided with cutting-edge equipment.



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