“Vasko Gligorijević is again free and in good general health. Be informed
that his will, convictions, morale and clarity of reason and mind are
strong. He was incarcerated involuntarily and illegitimately with regard to
the cause, domestic Constitution, relevant laws and medico-legal procedures
in the “Bardovci” psychiatric hospital from 04th of July to 01th of August

Political arrest is certainly the name of the game. The perversion of
the case history which shall be offered by the regime’s mouthpieces,
belonging to the very same regime which invented a perversion of an entire
national history should not be considered credible at all. Vasko continues
his temporarily halted activism in full understanding that the circumstances
radically changed and that they demand adaptation on which future action
should be based, as a condition for any beneficial effect. In light of the
aforementioned situation, he is determined to pursuit his goals as an
activist, publicist and philosopher as strongly as ever He is currently in
Skoplje and available for contact at his email:
vasko.gligorijevis@live.com . He extends his gratitude to all individuals
who launched the international campaign for his release from the
imprisonment facilitated by Europe’s most totalitarian and absurdist regime:
activist, bloggers, publicists, journalists and others, with a special
gratitude to Ms. Nina Gatzoulis and Mr. Stavros Vitalis, who visited the
Balkan gulag of FYROM in defense of the norms on which the civilized world
is based.”


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