Margaret Thatcher: Economic legacy of an Iron Lady

Baroness Thatcher 1925-2013 MPs and peers’ tributes Obituary How will history remember Thatcher? What is Thatcherism? There really was no modern British Prime Minister who presided over a greater transformation of the nation’s economy than Baroness Margaret Thatcher. When she left office, nearly every aspect of British economic life had changed fundamentally. People will debate for a long time what […]

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BBC documentary: Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in ancient Greece

Part one of a two part series for BBC4, preseted by Dr Michael Scott of Darwin College, Cambridge. Shot in Athens, Sparta, Macedon and the UK, the film explores the intense debate about luxury which went on throughout the classical period, and which has many echoes in our own time. Δείτε ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον ντοκυμανταίρ για την πολυτέλεια στον αρχαίο […]

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